Annvin recruitment

We are a small headhunting Company that specializes in finding the right skills.

We at Annvin help you recruit salespeople, IT and Tech.

How we work


We have a consultative approach and our focus is Sales (B2B) and IT/Tech area. We also have supported our clients in many other areas, so we are very flexible.

In addition to the requested skills, we have a short meeting with the hiring manager to understand what needed in soft values to get the candidate fit in to the environment.

We start off looking at many candidates and then break down the numbers. Having a first interview to identify the right candidates and as a second interview we qualify the candidates to be presented to the client.

About us

We are a small headhunting Company that specializes in finding the right skills for our clients.

We are senior people with personal commitment, that have extensive experience ourselves of the roles we meet, both as clients and candidates.

Our way of working is 100% search, we look up the candidates through our private network, database, and digital channels to find the right skills for our clients.

Home ground in Gothenburg, Sweden as a field of work

Rekrytering Göteborg

We believe we can make a difference enhance finding your employees. Beyond search in digital channel there is a person behind the profile. Beside the perfect match of skills there are many soft values that need to fit to make your success.

We are a professional group and due to our wide experience in different areas and industries, we have the knowledge to see who a good fit will be.

We have succeeded where others have not succeeded. We are good at delivering candidates, the right candidates, even the ones you haven’t thought of.